JOOLS TV® is an animated children's YouTube channel that focuses on Edu-tainment (education and entertainment), consisting of adventures, learning, and music.

The channel straddles the line between genres with fresh and dynamic characters and an engaging story set in the world of imagination. The show recreates your favorite nursery rhymes (in our case, TRAPERY Rhymes®) and fairy tales, which then collides with the world of hip-hop/trap culture.

JOOLS TV® fills a void of representation and diversity in animation and children's content. The channel was created to inspire and encourage kids to dream big and to know that their imagination is limitless.

Meet the Creators

JOOLS TV Family PortraitBorn from a desire to see a reflection of their own children in the animation space, one Chicago family created JOOLS TV, an animated children’s YouTube channel.  JOOLS TV focuses on ‘edu-tainment’ through the eyes of their 4 sons: Justin Jr. (JJ), Jaxon, Jett & Jhy. Their adventures are filled with learning and music!

While raising their first-born son JJ, the Brim parents, Justin and Patrice, saw the lack of diversity in the animated music videos on YouTube. Realizing the options were few, the couple brainstormed about how awesome it would be to create material for their son to watch - they, quickly, got motivated. Justin, a real-estate investor and at-risk youth mentor, and his wife, Patrice, who worked as a Field Producer for a reputable Chicago news station, had no idea where to start, but never allowed that to stop their vision.

However, they endured a parent’s most dreadful experience, the sudden and tragic passing of their oldest son, JJ. Justin and Patrice wanted to crumble and escape from the world but knew they had to find a way to move forward. Jaxon, their second-born son, needed them now more than ever. As their passion mixed with pain, the Brims pressed ahead and the family continued to grow, welcoming Jett and Jhy to the family. Even though they were able to find some happiness again, they understood that their family would never be complete physically. This ignited their quest to keep JJ’s name alive, especially with his brothers.

In October 2020, The Brim Family launched their YouTube channel, JOOLS TV. Since the couple’s children’s names all start with the letter “J,” it was a no-brainer to name the channel after them. JOOLS TV is an acronym for the ‘Js Of Our Lives’.

As of today, JOOLS TV has made a name for itself and for JJ! Reaching 100,000+ YouTube subscribers in less than 18 months is a major accomplishment. But most of all, it is a great way to keep JJ’s name alive…not only with his brothers, but with children from everywhere!

“We are thankful for the support we received and are very excited for the future of JOOLS TV.”